Garden Preservation
Forsyth Street Garden Club

The Forsyth Garden Club was founded in the Fall of 1993 by Anna Magenta and Federico Savini with the support of the Council on the Environment and Operation GreenThumb.

In 1994 they worked together in SDR Park with the local children to create a 2400 square foot new garden on Forsyth St. between Delancey and Broome Streets.

In 1995 they become incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the name of Forsyth Garden Conservancy, Inc. The purpose is to:

  • Combat neighborhood and community deterioration.
  • Promote a cleaner, safer, and better community.
  • Promote participation and grassroots action among the community residents.
  • Create several gardens for the use and enjoyment of the community.
  • Create model improvement projects that can inspire those with similar interests.

In 1995 the Forsyth Garden Conservancy, Inc. designed and built a bird sanctuary for the Hua Mei Bird Club. Every early morning the Hua Mei singing birds are brought to the garden to sing. The garden is designed to support wild life

In 1996 the Forsyth Garden Conservancy developed two new gardens, the Artemisa Garden and the Tai Chi Garden They prevailed against the Roosevelt Park Community Coalition that wanted to take away the playground on section C of the Park from the local children to establish a dog run, in addition they opposed the privatization of the Park and the imposition of a vendors market inside the Park North of Grand St. with no educational or cultural value (junk market)

In the last three years they planted 31 trees, 400 shrubs, hundreds perennials and ground covers and 2000 bulbs, built and installed bird houses,designed and installed fences, gates, benches, walk-ways, a tool shade, tree cages, fixed brick walls and installed underground watering systems for the gardens

The Forsyth Garden Conservancy, Inc. has received support from the following organizations:

Citizen Committee for NYC
Council on the Environment
Green Guerillas
Manhattan Borough President Office
Manhattan Transition Center
Neighborhood Open Space Coalition
NY Care
Operation GreenThumb
Parks Council
Parks Department
Parks Foundation
Trust for Public Land

The Forsyth Garden Conservancy, Inc. has received :

1996 Mollie Parnis dress up your neighborhood contest
1997 Mollie Parnis dress up your neighborhood contest
1997 Kevin Shank Award for the most Horticulturally Interesting Garden

Contact: Federico Savini
118 Forsyth Street
New York, NY 10002

Phone: 212-966-9351

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