Garden Preservation

Bello Amanecer Borincano



CONTACT: Carmen Pabon

LOCATION: 119 Avenue C


In June, 1984 Carmen Pabon began the garden Bello Amancecer with the goal of providing a place for the elderly and children in the neighborhood. Carmen works with a group of elderly people who plant flowers in addition to holding a weekly ministry, pr oviding food, clothing, and classes and workshops to the elderly, and feeding the homeless three times a week.

Along with the members of the community, Carmen has created a park for the neighborhood children and elderly. She is very happy because the garden is a place of recreation for the community in addition to serving the homeless. She has been a resident of the Lower East Side for 46 years and is proud to give her time to help all people of her community. Due to her involvement in the garden, she has solved her problems, and feels that the time that she has spent working on the garden has been excellent therapy for her.

The garden is used for religious events, youth meetings, Loisaida Unemployment Youth Day Care Center in addition to serving the elderly and children. Flowers, trees, tomatoes, pepper, and herbs can all be found there. The garden appears to be safe fro m City intervention for the time being. Carmen continues to maintain the garden despite the crusade against them being made by the City.

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