Garden Preservation

Jardin Los Amigos


Location: 3rd Street( bet. Aves A & B)


October 1996 Amigos garden was targeted by city for auction and sale. After our organizing CB3 recommeded the garden for Greenthumb lease. The Lease is now pending with the City Planning Commission.

It all began six or seven years ago, when the lot (at 221 East 3rd street) was abandoned and drug addicts were hanging out there. The city decided to clean it up and Carmen asked the city if she could use the space.

With the help of others in the building next door (#223) and the Green Guerrillas (who gave materials for plants) the garden was created. People would find pieces of wood on the street, for example, and drop them off at the garden. People pooled money for the canopy that covers a trellis over the walkway.

We now have twelve garden plots maintained by twelve members.

Children use the garden, mostly. Women bring their young kids to play. They are Hispanic and largely from the building next door. Carmen and her family keep the garden.

We have tomatoes, gladiolas, marigolds, cherry trees, rose of Sharon, fish in pond, and other plants.

Other than gardening activities, we have baby showers, family oriented parties, and adults sometimes informally gather in the cabana to play bingo and talk.

The garden has effected the entire community because this garden, and Brises del Caribe down the block, have cut down on drug use and trafficking on the block.

The garden is a central place for mothers and children. It's like a day care center in many ways.

Carmen has applied for a lease twice and been turned down. She's heard of possible interest in the lot from the housing complex behind it and the residential property owner next door.

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